Hawaiian Delite Shave Ice Syrup, Syrups, Fresno, CA

Want a way to earn money and have fun doing it? Shave Ice is the hottest way to stay cool and earn extra cash. With a minimal investment, you can serve the best tasting shave ice cones anywhere.

Hawaiian Delite has been in existence for many years. In 1993, we made our home base in Central California. We offer over 48 flavors in ready-to-use gallons. We also offer 16.9 oz ready-to-use syrups, hand shavers, and Cone Kits (cups & straws), for the homeowner or retail business for resale.

Whether you already have a shave ice trailer, cart, or just want some extra fun around the pool, we can promptly fill your order and arrange for shipping anywhere. You can contact us for information on Swan block shavers, Swan cube shavers, or home shavers.

48 Flavors Available
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For family fun get our home shaver kit
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